Mohr Funeral Home offers a wide variety of caskets. These caskets can be divided into two groups: those that are constructed from natural materials like hardwood, and those that are constructed from processed materials like steel, copper or bronze. Additionally, some of them are designed to resist the entrance of air and water. Some are not gasketed. We will be happy to answer any questions concerning this type of casket.

Bronze Caskets

Bronze, a semi-precious material alloy, is the strongest and longest-lasting of any casket construction material. Bronze is resistant to corrosive elements, and makes an elegant, exquisite remembrance.

Copper Caskets

Copper, a precious metal, is known for its longevity, beauty and resistance to corrosion. Copper is one-third stronger than stainless steel, and its combination of strength and beauty helps memorialize a remarkable life.

Stainless Steel Caskets

Stainless steel, an alloy of carbon steel and chromium, provides strength and resistance to corrosion at an economical price.

Steel Caskets

Steel, known for its affordability and long-lasting performance, is one of the most popular of casket materials. From the highest quality 16-gauge to a minimum quality 20-gauge, thickness determines the general quality and price

Wood Casket

Wood, a natural and environmentally sound choice, is selected for its warmth, beauty, and uniqueness. A variety of different woods offer an array of personalized choices.

Cremation Casket

Similar in design to the traditional casket, wood cremation caskets are constructed specifically for cremation.